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Art has an ability to display human feelings in an unadulterated form. I have never been great at expressing in words the deep emotions which I experience, however they always surface in my paintings as a sort of post-traumatic catharsis. My mixed media portraits always deal with the portrayal of human emotions: love, passion, grief, and loneliness. I use symbolism and metaphors to convey themes of social-alienation and ennui. My work is largely unpremeditated; it is a creative process that requires time and patience. It is a process of destruction and rebuilding until I find the right expression in continual dialogue with the painting. For me painting is an escape from the chaotic world we live in, to a place somewhere in between the real and the abstract. This is an introspective process, where the reflective journey itself is as important as the final artwork.

Embrace 2021 (Acrylic and Watercolor on Paper)
GennyNewYork1967 2013 (Oil on Canvas)
Genny Programme Cover 2013

Darcie's abstract realism is inspired by emotional and metaphysical events, often dealing with obsession and alienation through use of symbolism, depth, and colour.

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