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DARCIE DARK is a window painting artist based in Victoria BC. I specialize in creating unique, vibrant and eye-catching window murals. My signature style uses acrylic house paint that can be applied to any window and lasts through all kinds of weather. It can be safely removed with a razor blade when you want to change the design. My work is bright, colourful and unique, and it always catches the attention of people driving by.


Window Murals are a great way to get noticed and to make your business stand out from the crowd. I create designs that are perfect for any time of year and create a sense of goodwill from the community. When I'm painting, I often get positive comments from passersby, and people often shout out words of encouragement as I paint, which is the best reward for my work! I'm proud to know that I'm bringing joy and a touch of beauty to the streets of my hometown.

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